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Issue No. 15

Living Logos: Corporate Identity in a Time of Constant Change

As the saying goes, technology has the shelf life of a banana. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that in 2016, when technology has infiltrated more of our lives than ever, near-constant change has become normal. Largely with the advent of smartphones, we’ve grown accustomed to receiving and expecting updates on just about everything—from news feeds and app updates, to the hardware itself, we’ve been trained to think and act in the short term.

Issue No. 14

The Mobile Enterprise Starts With People Not Technology

This September, Studio Science co-sponsored CXSF 2015, Forrester's Forum For Customer Experience Professionals. Much of the conversation during the two day event centered around a new reality: the future of business is in the hands of customers. Literally. Delivering a compelling digital customer experience (CX) is at the heart of today’s successful business strategies, and mobile is the heart of digital CX. As Benedict Evans recently noted, mobile isn’t a subset of the internet… it IS the internet.

Issue No. 13

Metaphorically Speaking: A Call to Humanize Enterprise Messaging

The longstanding perception that consumer purchases are motivated completely by emotion and impulse, while business buyers are driven entirely by rational decision-making processes, is both an over-simplification and frankly not true. This conventional wisdom has driven a tendency to dehumanize B2B transactions, creating a fundamental misunderstanding of how to leverage the power of narrative when talking to business customers.

Issue No. 12

Lucid Intuition: A Deep Understanding Between a Brand and its Customers

When brands possess a deep understanding of their customers, it gives them insight into how they fit into their customers’ lives. This level of understanding leads to lucid intuition, which provides confidence, direction, and a path to nurture a powerful connection with customers.

Issue No. 11

Weaving technology into the fabric of everyday life.

Technology lives in our world; not the other way around. But many of today's devices demand too much of us and sidetrack us from our natural selves. A new message on Slack breaks our focus on a time-sensitive report. An incoming email rattles the phone in our pocket and pulls us away from our companion across the table. Advanced technologies that are intended to serve us are actually competing for our attention. It raises the question: “When we consider the relationship between people and technology, who’s really serving who?”

Issue No. 10

Where Style and Substance Meet

I was recently asked to speak about the value of good web design at a digital marketing conference. As events like this often are, sessions were organized into tracks, in this case Science and Magic. The Science track was devoted to the numbers- and data-driven arm of digital marketing, while Magic described the role of design and creative. It's a common way of framing up the world; instinct versus evidence, gut versus data, numbers versus pictures.

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